Training Dates & Locations

Our certified IPC trainers offer flexible solutions and custom-designed courses to suit all your training and recertification requirements.

Our fully equipped Western Sydney training facility at St Marys in NSW allows students access to all the equipment that technicians require to successfully solder/fix the most common issues. These include Hot Air Rework Systems, Preheaters, Infrared Rework Systems, Induction Heating Soldering Irons, and Microscopes, among other tools and equipment.

We also offer onsite training for customers in Australia and New Zealand (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch), as well as other Asia Pacific locations (as required).

Check below for upcoming course dates in your area, or use the Contact Us link above and send us your enquiry.

Training Calendar

The dates listed on this page have been put aside for those clients that have only a handful of employees or individuals that need to be enrolled in that particular training course.

We only offer a few common courses as open enrolment IPC training. If you wish to book one or more open enrolment courses, for one or more of your staff members please complete the quote request form.

Group AIM & IPC training

For group IPC training for any staff that need to be trained and certified in any of the courses that AIM Training offers, as per our complete course listing, let us know and we will provide you with the course outline and pricing for the course(s) that you choose. Our group rates allow up to 15 participants for theoretical courses and up to 10 participants for courses with practical training, at a great price. For a customised, site-specific quotation please fill in the quote request form.

End DateDurationCourseLocationAll Enquiries
Tue 02/07/2024Thu 04/07/20243 DaysIPC-7711/7721PerthContact Us
Tue 09/07/2024Thu 11/07/20243 DaysIPC/WHMA-A-620AdelaideContact Us
Tue 09/07/2024Thu 11/07/20243 DaysIPC-7711/7721BrisbaneContact Us
Tue 16/07/2024Thu 18/07/20243 DaysIPC-A-610HOnlineContact Us
Tue 16/07/2024Thu 18/07/20243 DaysIPC-A-610HSydneyContact Us
Tue 30/07/2024Thu 01/08/20243 DaysIPC/WHMA-A-620OnlineContact Us
Wed 07/08/2024Fri 09/08/20243 DaysIPC-7711/7721MelbourneContact Us
Tue 13/08/2024Thu 15/08/20243 DaysIPC-J-STD-001HBrisbaneContact Us
Wed 21/08/2024Fri 23/08/20243 DaysIPC-7711/7721AdelaideContact Us
Mon 26/08/2024Wed 28/08/20243 DaysIPC-J-STD-001HAdelaideContact Us
Mon 02/09/2024Thu 05/09/20244 DaysRework & Repair of Micro Miniature Electronic AssembliesSydneyContact Us
Tue 317/09/2024Thu 19/09/20243 DaysIPC-A-610HBrisbaneContact Us
Tue 24/09/2024Thu 26/09/20243 DaysIPC-7711/7721SydneyContact Us
Tue 12/11/2024Thu 14/11/20243 DaysIPC-7711/7721BrisbaneContact Us
Tue 12/11/2024Thu 14/11/20243 DaysIPC-J-STD-001HSydneyContact Us
Wed 20/11/2024Fri 22/11/20243 DaysIPC-J-STD-001HMelbourneContact Us
Tue 26/11/2024Thu 28/11/20243 DaysIPC/WHMA-A-620BrisbaneContact Us
Tue 10/12/2024Thu 12/12/20243 DaysIPC-A-610HOnlineContact Us


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Rework, Modification, and Repair of Electronic Assemblies


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